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Garage door repair

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Garage door is an important part of your house that requires regular maintenance. It is unfortunate that many homeowners don’t realize this until the door stops functioning. Garage door repair is presumed to be a difficult task but you must know that minor repairs can be done without any professional help.

Doors often stop functioning due to lack of proper maintenance like oiling or twisting of the belt. If you know the basics then you are well on your way to do simple tasks like garage door cable repair among others. Before you start reading, you must remember that if the repairs are major, professional garage door service firms are well-equipped to handle them.

Here are a few tips that come handy before you undertake garage door repairs:

Disconnect the power supply

It is vital that you disconnect the power supply before you start as this will avoid fatal accidents like electrocution. You do not want that happening to you. Next get the door off the pulley so that it does not fall on you while you repair.

How to perform a garage door opener repair?

You have to pay little attention here. On the belt pulley, you will find the retainer cap. You need to open it and take out the sprocket. The belt that is present on the sprocket needs to be removed. Next is the drive gear, the end covers, the RPM sensor and then retaining clip should be taken out.

Reassemble the complete system

Now, you will have to reassemble the complete system and it might be time consuming. You can take the help of a family member while doing this. Ensure that the parts fit into the appropriate areas and check if they move smoothly and safely. This way the door functions well over time.

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