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Look no further for the best information on the web. Here are great FAQs for garage door repair.

How can I increase the insulation of my garage door?

The easiest way to reinforce the insulation of the existing garage door is buying a special kit. You will just need to follow instructions for the installation of the insulation material at the back side of the door. Of course, it would be easier and better if you would afford garage door replacement and let pros prepare the insulated door for you but it would cost you more.

What is the most common garage door track problem?

Garage door tracks are plain mechanical parts, which make excellent partners with the garage door rollers that carry the garage door. Damaged garage door tracks are the worst problem because the rollers would be obstructed from sliding normally and the door may not open or close all the way. You will experience a similar situation if there is dirt in the tracks that would still obstruct the good operation of the rollers.

Why overhead doors are considered dangerous?

All garage systems are heavy mechanisms and if they are not maintained properly, they can cause accidents. Though, overhead doors hang above your head and if the sensors do not work properly and the mechanism is not repaired and serviced on time, there is a small chance that the door will collapse on someone.

I broke one of the glass tiles on the garage door! What do I do?

Garage door professionals over at Bel Air would recommend replacing the broken tile. Repairing it would take more effort, and fortunately replacing a tile is as easy as installing it onto the garage door. Simply remove the offending tile and install another glass tile.

Does the opener brand matter?

You should definitely research the brand as well as the opener before you make a purchase. Find out how extensive and reliable the warranty is. Get more information on the quality of the customer support service as well. Ensure that spare parts can be found easily. In general, the brands with a solid long-term reputation are usually the most dependable.

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